Amnesia Part #2
Amnesia Part #2 gay stories

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"Wh-what are y-you doing?" I ask, hating myself for how scared I sounded.

Amnesia Part #2

"Wh-what are y-you doing?"

I ask, hating myself for how scared I sounded.

"Awww isn't that cute? I'm coming to take what is mine is all."

Then his arms were around me and he crashed his lips against mine. I pushed him away and asked him what his problem was.

"What you don't find me attractive?"


That was a bold faced lie. Of course I find Subject 23 attractive. He had skin the color of caramel, untidy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a jawline that could have cut diamonds.

even though I thought these things, but I couldn't let Subject 23 know that.

"No I do not find you attractive. but I do have a question, what is your name? I know it's not Subject 23. So tell me!"

I demand from him.

"Fine! My name is Mark, I'm fifteen years old. You're probably wondering why I kissed you, it's because I find you extremely attractive.

I saw you for the first time and I just thought you were an amazing looking person. Sorry but your untidy brown hair, and your hazel eyes, and your resting smirk that sits on your face.

Since you came into my room I just found you hot and then I kissed you."

I'm glad that he found me attractive as well. I should probably come clean and tell him the truth.

"Well since you don't reciprocate the feeling, you can just leav--!"

I didn't let him finish his sentence...instead I pressed my lips against his. So I guess mark wants me but is it only hormones talking?

"I do find you very attractive. But, I have another question."

"Ask it"

Ok I know that this can go one of two ways, either what I am about to ask is taken in stride and I don't sound crazy or...he starts shouting at me to leave his room for how insane I am.

I let out a breath that I didn't even know I was holding.

"ok...Was that you talking in my head last night, the one that said that I couldn't trust anyone?"

I could see Mark trying to decide if I was crazy or even if i was joking. When he decided that I was not joking or crazy, he answered me...

"Yeah that was me. I meant what I said, you can't trust anyone except me and Jacqueline. We are the only two people you can trust with your life.

"Can you tell me why? Why can't I trust anyone but you two?"

I ask not sure I want to know the answer.

"You can't expect me to tell you everything I know on our first meeting can you? I mean even if you are the hottest person I had ever seen.

He thinks I'm hot?! No way, there must be some mistake. I am an ugly piece of trash; Or so I thought.

"How were you able to talk inside my head?"

"I'll teach you. You just have to clear your mind. Clear it of all distractions."

He says as if it's the easiest thing in the world.

"Easier said than done Mark. Don't you ever wonder what happened to you and why you're here?"

I ask; again, not sure I want to hear the answer.

"No I do not, and you need to learn not to as well. And these memories that you will be getting if you're not already, ignore them. They don't mean anything."

How does Mark know about the memory dreams I was having? I didn't say anything to him. Can I actually trust Mark and Jacqueline? What does this all mean?

"Okay. I won't thanks Mark you are so kind to me even though you just met me."

I kiss him deeply, not just to avoid suspicion (although that was one of my motives) Nope it's because I wanted to. It's also no surprise when he kisses me back.

"Mark what are we? I mean we've kissed three times in the last hour but you haven't told me what I am to you."

In my head, Marks voice came:

You're someone I would like to date but I have to tell you what they want me to so that I can save face with them so that they don't lose their trust in me, so,

for those memory dreams that you have been having you need to pay attention to them. They will tell you what and who you are."

"Thank you mark. Sure I'll date you.

I am so glad that I can stop suspecting Mark of eventually betraying me. I am glad that I can now focus on being a good boyfriend.

As soon as I told Mark that I would date him, and then kissed him, the door opened and Jacqueline came in...

"Well, I guess that you two hit it off."

Jacqueline said with a knowing smirk. I wanted to deny the whole scene but that was a little hard considering mine and Mark's hands were still intertwined.

Even if we weren't holding hands, I was going to have a hard time denying the whole thing considering what Mark said.

" oh we did more than hit it off. We started dating. Right Josh?"

I was so caught off guard at that I just stared open mouthed.

"Uh...yeah I mean yes. Yes we are dating."

Jacqueline looked surprised.

"Come on Subject 24 you'll be able to see Subject 23 soon I promise."

After she said that, we left Subject 23's room/cell.

"Bye Josh. See you later Baby!"

He blows me a kiss and winks. As I am leaving Mark's cell, I was blushing and now I can say that I have had my first kiss.

"Jacqueline, when can I see Mark again? I think him and I have a real connection you know?"

"Yeah we could see you two in the control center. We will definitely another meeting soon. We can't have our two lovebirds missing each other too much."

Ugh! Why does she have to go and make me blush? On our way back to my room it was an extremely silent walk. When we got to my room as I am about to go into my room, I asked one last question.

"Who are you really Jacqueline?"

"I'm not aloud to disclose that information. I am sorry Josh."

This time though I saw that she was holding up one finger. That could only mean one thing, Jacqueline was this institutes first test Subject!. She is Subject 1.

I felt the urge to hug her and so I did.

"I am so sorry Jacqueline."

I whisper, not even sure that if she hears me. After our little embrace, Jacqueline pushes me into my room. I mean it wasn't really forceful or anything more like she nudged me.

"Goodnight Subject 24. Get plenty of rest. Tomorrow is going to be a long day."

"thank you Jacqueline, for being so kind to me."

As I lay down to sleep I heard one more voice in my head;

"Goodnight Josh. I know you can't answer me yet but, make sure that you pay attention to the memory dreams. Also I love you! Sleep well."

How I wish that I could talk back to Mark mind to mind the way that he does. All in due time I guess. In the meantime however. Sleep.

As I lay down to sleep I was thinking about what Mark said to me earlier,

when he told me to pay close attention to those memory dreams as they will tell me who and what I am That part about "what" I am is extremely perplexing to me. Finally sleep came.

in this memory it was as if I was looking in from the outside. I could see a woman, a man, a dog, a cat, and a young boy.

I could tell right away I was in a house but I wasn't sure where or even if it was my house.

Any way, in this memory I felt my younger self get scared because the man was advancing towards the younger boy with some leather strap in his hand.

Then all of the sudden the man flew out of the kitchen window which was behind him.

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