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Love After Death

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Comfort I haven't felt in years hugs my body gently. Befriended by the true bliss of softness of unseen furs, I snuggle into its warmth.

No pain lingers in my body, and no worries clutter my thoughts. Although my body is telling me to stay in this moment of luxury, I can't help question my tranquilizing situation.

The brightness of the clouds surrounding me sends a slight pinch of uncomfortableness, causing me to squint upon opening my eyes. While adjusting my vision, sorrow swells within my chest. The beauty of bright nothingness assures me that I've died, again.

Rising from my comfort, I lose my will to move, and my body drops back into its resting place, and my vision still on an image in the distance.

Tightness summons a suffocating throb that pounds in my chest. Uncontrollably a tear falls.

Dressed in a white suit, he glides toward me from out of bright lights. With anticipation, I wait with no understanding as to why. His every step closer has me excited for the next.

The closer he gets, the faster the tears flow. As if my tears call out to him, encouraging every step. Nearly within my reach, I sit up to prepare for his greeting. As I do, he stops.

Distant murmurs echo when his lips move. I climb to my feet. He speaks again. Once more, I only hear mumbles—a sense of urgency in the tone of the last of his whispers, stricken me with panic. I run toward him. I am nearly close enough to hear his words, to see his face.


My feet fumble into one another, and my knees buckle. He's vanished. My head feels heavy, so I let it drop. My eyelids are weak, so I allow them to rest, and my body numb with grief, so I let it mourn.

I've lost all willingness to engage in any fight to understand what is happening to me. Never have I felt such a sense of loss. As if my soul has also disappeared.

A harsh breeze pushes me onto my back. I somehow expected to rest back into the comfort that moments before held me so tenderly, but the clouds don't stop my fall.

The descend that seems to never end allows time for acceptance. Of what? The end, of course. As the clouds become distant in my view, so does my existence. Will I be at peace?

Thank you for reading. Art alone brings out the best in most. It shows a side of a person that even they didn't know they had. Combining art and writing is one of my favorite things to do.

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