Lightened by the moonlight
Lightened by the moonlight ghosts stories

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My true ghost story and the road I shall never walk again

Lightened by the moonlight

I come from a town by the romanian seashore. Quiet but you could feel that some things were not what they seemed to.

The town is built around the communist regime so it still gives you the impression that time only passed around it, changing nothing but taking the old and the young alike.

It feels almost deserted, the nights seem darker here than they seem in the towns nearby.

Old streets where during night you don't get to see another person walking for several hundreds of meters.

Those streets are wide and empty so you can see what's at the very end of them easily from the point you're standing.

As the town by the seashore it is very windy most of the time, the wind howling furiously making sounds that chill your spine.

Imagine this town as a crap load of houses with few to none persons that live around, with old landmarks left to ruin after the communism fell in 1989.

The town used to have an agricultural site looking more like field with small grass that spreads all the way to the next town, linking them.

For a few decades this field was left to nature, only a few having the balls to build a few houses there. The town also has a graveyard, a pretty big one.

In theory this should not be as scary as it seems, but this graveyard has a really short fence made of cement.

The fence being short means you can see the gravestones clearly, even more, the portraits of the persons buried there, the road being real close to the fence.

Why am I describing those?

Because in order to get from this town to the next you either have to walk the road near the graveyard or you must go through the overgrown field.

I used to take this road on a regular basis. It never scared me even though the road that went near the graveyard had no lighting.

My only concern taking either paths were the drunk that usually got lost around that area so I avoided going through the agricultural field.

I have heard stories about wierd stuff going on around the graveyard road and the field path converged but I thought it was just high people seeing shit that wasn't actually there.

One night I was out with my girlfriend that used to live in the town next to me.

I was around 17 at that moment so I did not have car or any sort of vehicle to help me move my ass around but it never represented a problem to me since I love walking and

nothing wierd happened to me....except for that night. A night I shall never forget and I feel like the thing I see will not let me do so.

As I left my girlfriend's house I proceeded to walk home. It was full moon, but not the usual full moon that I was used to.

This time I could feel a chill in my guts from the very moment I stepped out of my girlfriend's front yard. It was so bright I could see everything like it was daylight.

I felt a pressure on my chest as I was walking, fear and paranoia increased with every step I took basking in the moonlight.

As I got to the splitting paths I stopped for a few minutes thinking what road should I pick.

I felt like the graveyard road wasn't going to suit me because I really didn't want to see the faces of those buried there and having this bright like sun moonlight around wasn't really

going to help me.

I decided to walk through the field, some people have just cut some of the smaller trees blocking the vision ahead.

As I was walking I've realized that I could see all the way to the end of the path.

That gave me some sort of confidence because I knew that the chances of getting jumped on by any drunk fuck were kind of low.

I took a moment to check my phone, it was around 2:30 so I decided to go a bit faster.

As I rose my eyes from my phone I could see something in the distance, right where the field and graveyard's roads converged.

-Just fuckin nice, a drunk fellow. I said to myself.

I was already half way through so I never considered going back as an option. Plus it was just one guy, I could take him if he got any violent.

As I moved further I stared to notice that the guy was limping. After a really short while I could see more of the physical appearance of the guy.

It really freaked me out as the guy was facing up to the moon, eyes yellow as gold, all dressed fancy as if he was coming from a classy party with tuxedo and everything.

His head was all white and bald. His arms almost reaching the floor as he was limping towards me.

I froze in panic and just I was about to make my next move the guy started to move with the speed of a God damn car still limping. In just mere seconds he was almost where I was.

So I turned back and ran, and ran, and ran thinking I cannot outrun the thing behind me. I don't know why it didn't catch me because if it really wanted he would have.

I only stopped when I reached back to my girlfriend's neighborhood. That's approximately 1 km of distance.

As the days go by I start to forget the details of what happened that night and that's the reason I decided to tell this story, but one thing I will never forget,

and that's the feeling I got when I realized what lied in the distance. My blood freezing from neck to my feet. My body, paralized in shock.

I never researched what that thing might be and I will never take that road ever again in my life.

I move from that town a few years ago, yet every time I come in visit, when I drive on those roads I can still feel thing lurking in the darkness where light from my headlights doesn't reach.

This is a true story and from that night forth I believe, I know that there are beings out there that exceed our comprehension about the world.

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