The Words We Hear
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A midnight poem

The Words We Hear

The words we hear The emotions we feel The sounds we comprehend The love we receive

When did we notice? Why did we examine? What was the apex?

The words were lies The emotions were false The sounds were tricks The love was revulsion

The love that we cling to The love we crave The love that we gave

Was it all a lie? Was it just a façade? Was it just an illusion?

We noticed it was not real We saw how it was an invention That we created To live a fantasy

Do we want love so hard? Do we really want the relationship? Do we want to pretend?

That they loved us That they cared about us That they gave in us much as we did That they were not just using us

We need to move on From the lie that we created We must live on From the illusion we generated

We put ourselves in that position Where we live in a fairy tale Where we might have a chance To be loved back

We need to know That life is just more than that We don’t need to imitate the movies We just need to live for ourselves

The old needs to be removed The ties need to be cut The fakes need to be thrown out Cause there is no more room

Let the genuine people inside Welcome them with open heart Even if it is not how we imagined

The love will come The hate will disappear Most importantly You’ll live your life Like how it is meant to be

For you are the pearl In the endless ocean The diamond In the depths of the earth

You’ll be found You’ll be appreciated You’ll be shown the crowed You’ll what they will cheer for

Our love will be appreciated Our emotions will be validated Our energies will be matched For that right one

We will rejoice We will celebrate We will shout We found them We will never let them away

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