Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms

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midnighttrain "Keep your memories always close to you"
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Our life is like Cherry Blossoms.. they blom, grow and spred around the air and in the end .. they die.

Cherry Blossoms

Chery bloosoms bloom slowly... some are small,others are big,the wind flow throung them... making their petals fall into the ground.

Per those cherry blossoms diferente peoples awalys passes by everday with very diferent thoughts in mind. Cherry blossom fall into the ground....

Memories and felings are carefully placed inside of those cherry blossoms with all their love. Cherry blossoms fall into the ground...

One day that cherry blossom tree got really sick, and all her beauty was gone. Cherry blossoms die slowly...

That tree was corrupted! her days of glory had came to an end.. withou HER she could not continue on living... Cherry Blossoms die slowly...

One day she was left completly alone.. which with time made the death finaly visit her... Cherry Blossoms die slowly...

How could she not have taken care of what was so important to her? why she didin't have enjoyed her last days of life?... why she didin't took care of her beuatifull cherry blossoms?... with her last sigh she gave up on life ... which had left her long time ago..

SHE only exist only from a brief moment... THE LIFE wears away in the same way as cherry blossoms...

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