The Inward Strife
                The Inward Strife poem stories
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midnightthinker Enjoy writing poems and prose stories.
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Rhyming poem concerning the thoughts and feelings which rise during the nighttime periods of solitude. Enjoy.


The Inward Strife

Beneath the space and stars, I lie, Under the dark and lonely night, Enveloped in the thoughts of mine I dream of dreams to feel delight.

Among desires 've lost my sight, Within eternal fields of mind, Losing the shadow fight inside, I think of thoughts that left behind.

Through whole my life I have survived, Along with lonely nights and pry, Living my life like just arrived, I feel the feelings staying high.

In depth of sea and sky, I dive, Amidst the dream and lucid life, Dimmed by the instinct to survive, I die of dying in own strife.

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