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The story of an internet star (fiction) also really bad, oh well

A fan of mine

I was something of a star. Nothin compared to the celebrities you see on TV but there were quite a few that knew my name... on the internet

My fans were so supportive, always keeping up with my social media, always watching every video.

It was a Saturday morning and I had just finished editing a video. When my friend sent me a couple of pictures from the day before when we were at the mall together. I smiled and looked at us in the photos. Then noticed something that made my smile fade.

A man in black in the background. I couldn’t see his face. I looked at the other pictures and there he was again, and again. I texted the friend back and pointed out the man. She didn’t seem overly bothered. “Relax he’s probably just some gross old man checking you out.” I laughed and acted like I wasn’t bothered anymore.

The next day I was looking for the man online. I looked through my followers and subscribers. Most of them teens and young adults. Exept for one man. Middle aged and scraggly. I looked on every social media and there he was. liking every post. I was done I was scared. I called my bestie because I knew if anyone could scare a creep away it was him.

I called Matt and he planned to come in a couple of days. While I waited I tryed to avoid being in my house alone. So mostly I stayed out with my friends or in large busy places where no one was likely to catch me without someone noticing

The day before math was supposed to come, I was had just finished lunch with my friends and came home to my house surrounded with cops. I ran up to one “what happened, what happened?” I asked already panicking. My neighbor responded before the cop could “I saw through my window somebody climbing into a window, so I called the police” the police interrupted then, “it appears someone came in a window and stole some clothes.”

The policeman then led me to my bedroom. The window was open and one of my dresser drawers and clothes were scattered everywhere. I was a very organized person and know where most of my stuff is in my room so I knew there were some items missing. And of course I already had a suspect in mind.

I was now even more scared than before. Not only does this guy see where I hang out and my hobbies on social media, he knows where I live.

Matt came two days later. I hugged him tightly when he walked in my door. I told him what’s been going on my voice shaking with fear the whole time. “I’m so glad you’re here Matt. I’m so scared” I buried my head into his shoulder, finding comfort in his manly scent.

Three days later I was sitting on the couch watching a show and having a snack in the afternoon while Matt was at the gym. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a small red light. I got up and looked at it, a camera, I realized with horror. I knew that I wasn’t the one who put those cameras in. I was about to run, scream, call the cops, or something, when Something heavy connected with my head and my vision went black

I woke up tied to a chair. There was blood spilling out of my head into my hair and ears. I was dizzy, scared, disoriented. Then the man came out of the dark. “It’s so nice to meet you.” He said, his bloody hand clasped together as he paced in front of me like predator and prey. “After all I am your biggest fan.”

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