Through His Hollow By:midnightmumbles
Through His Hollow

By:midnightmumbles death stories

midnightmumbles We are all mad here
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Death rhymed his last words as he gazed at the bleeding sky through his hollow eyes

Through His Hollow By:midnightmumbles

I kissed my scythe good night In wait of a shut eye. Amused by metaphors... not suiting me at all! I've got no lids to close, the downsides of a skull.

Alas, it is my turn Since my job here is done and all of you are gone, I sat waiting alone... I've never died before, don't think I have a soul but not that I would know, I didn't script this show My thanks to what did though

I never could resist A nice little plot twist With a dramatic end, a story just like this... Laying amongst rubble Slipping into demise You thought me immortal? Well, humans tend to lie... I will seize to exist where there is no more life

Now that kingdom has come, I'll let go of this form. Maybe I'll turn to dust, Maybe I'll be reborn. but not like I would know, I didn't script this show, My thanks to who did though.

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