Thirsty For Torment By:midnightmumbles
Thirsty For Torment

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midnightmumbles We are all mad here
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In a world where everyone is addicted to something that makes the pain go away, how come I'm the only one addicted to pain?

Thirsty For Torment By:midnightmumbles

I know its annoying and it tests their patience When i cry in public Like i'd die for attention But I don't like them stare'n Or pity party sessions I sob every often Because I dont get it Why I'd choose the villains, Not the happy endings...

How come it comes with highs? Whys the hurt addicting? Once I have run my muck and the illusion fades I wonder what's amiss Inside my little head? Unlit toughts take over and tears do slip a bit I don't want your pity Just breaks from musing it.

'It's ' my own obsession With making love to pain 'If they smell like anguish Who cares about their names?' I never place a face But their toxic feelings I'd kill for one more dose, Suicide each evening I wouldn't hurt a fly, Yet in love with grieving.

SO.IN.LOVE with GRIEVING! I'm vent of frustration Their my free Endorphins Euphoric chemicals Triggered by sour beings Mostly after four weeks My Pill-Bottles do leave

While I'm on the look out For my next fitting fix Amidst the empty Realization screams Asking me "what's missing?" With her deafening sheiks Being suddenly plunged Takes its toll, its scary

I cant pick where it strikes For that I am sorry Trust me I dont like you As much as you hate me. That's why when it's starting I leave your company So when I start to bawl Nobody can catch me. I wouldn't have done so If I yearned sympathy

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