ICE QUEEN (Improved and rereleased) By:midnightmumbles

(Improved and rereleased)

By:midnightmumbles  toughts stories

midnightmumbles We are all mad here
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This is for everyone who thinks good looking people have everything easy and this is also about HOW ICE QUEENS ARE MADE

ICE QUEEN (Improved and rereleased) By:midnightmumbles

Maybe the ice cream just went to your heart And made you the cold, Blooded queen you are:- Being beautiful Hasn't done you good All the dreadful men Fegin nice to you They hide it so well And make you confused Like the wolfs they are And you ridinghood

Jealousy spreads from The Similar sex Feared competition, Not potential friend. 'How could YOU feel hurt by any comments?' Your stripped from your grief With halo-effect....

Babe thought you shiny And deemed you perfect To be his glitter A throphy girlfriend He used you as well What did you expect? Dining with swindlers Left you trust issues You'd already ate Loads of comfort food Before you set out To hurt them back too

You lost your sweet tooth and grew these sharp fangs serving them karma With velvety hands You would be dark scales Had you shed your skin From the vengeful things You've dug your claws in

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