Commaful and Followers By:midnightmumbles
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midnightmumbles We are all mad here
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Commaful and Followers By:midnightmumbles

You've been through fifteen edits already, but your stuck with zero likes, you've put more and more effort towards being relatable...with out losing your self.

You've worked hard on your pieces, but some things always missing. A comment can be the highlight of your day, in these times of seclusion, so your grateful for any at all.

Titles should make them feel like their missing out, but knowing a guideline can't save you from coming up blank ..and with all this over thinking you've failed to realize one thing...

you can click the like button for your self too...and that's not bad for you its self love. (Now if you'll excuse me I'll go like my own articles.)

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