This post is dedicated to @caldafox but I hope this will also touch the lives of others❤️
This post is dedicated to @caldafox but I hope this will also touch the lives of others❤️ encouragment stories

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Dedicated to @caldafox. I hope these don’t seem like random meaningless words that I just threw together. My goal is to lift you and others up out of struggles. I hope this helps.💖

This post is dedicated to @caldafox but I hope this will also touch the lives of others❤️

I’m sure almost everyone goes through a time or even multiple times in their life where they’re ashamed of or even hate themselves. You think you’re a loser, worthless, stupid, and just need to shut your mouth because you think people aren’t listening or just don’t want to hear what you have to say.

You want to be loved by everyone and please everyone, but feel like you’re never good enough and that everyone hates you. Maybe you think you’re too annoying, or too shy or you struggle with body image issues.

You think nobody cares about you and you just want to lie alone in a dark corner forever because that way you can’t hurt anyone or be hurt by anyone.

You can’t make everyone like you and you can’t always be right. But if you’re doing your best, especially when it’s standing up for what’s right, then you have absolutely no reason to bring yourself down or be ashamed of yourself.

You should be proud of yourself, even when people show hate or try to tell you you’re wrong. Yes, we all have our opinions, but (whether we admit it or not) we know there is a clear difference between right and wrong.

And if you’re standing up for what’s right, then you’re doing the best you can do. And you can rest assured that God is proud of you. Don’t let words bring you down. Chances are they’re just meaningless empty stabs of hate and there’s no reason for you to give them a second thought.

You are not worthless, stupid, or a loser. You are a beautiful amazing soul that matters, and even if you can’t see that now, I’m still gonna tell you that you do. You can deny it, but God knows the truth. And He loves you. He won’t let you go if you hold fast to Him. Know that He might even be testing you and your faith right now.

But you have to tell yourself to stay strong and that you can and will get through whatever struggle you’re dealing with. I know it’s hard to even think that things will get better, and you may really want to give up. Trust me, I’ve been there. Whatever you do, do not give up. Keep fighting.

I believe you’re strong enough. No matter what you think, there is always someone who cares about you. Someone who loves you. Stay strong loves!💖

I recommend Julia Kristina & GirlDefined YouTube videos. Julia Kristina is a counselor & gets into deep problems but also encourages. She has helped me so much through hard times. GirlDefined talks about & gives advice on becoming a better Christian girl but they also have more fun videos.💖

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