Q&A TIME! Made it to 100 followers! 😆YAAAAYYYY😆
                     Q&A TIME!

       Made it to 100 followers!

             😆YAAAAYYYY😆 q&a stories

midnightmoon294 Christian Gal✝️ *Barely active*
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Thank you guys for 100+ followers! It happened so fast!🙈🤯❤️ Update: I’m now closing the Q&A. I’ve received a lot of questions! The answers will be posted soon!

Q&A TIME! Made it to 100 followers! 😆YAAAAYYYY😆

So as promised, I’m doing a Q&A to celebrate 100+ followers!Only been here a month, & I gained 90 followers the past 4 days?!🤯 The kindness & support I’ve received is unbelievable! I would’ve never thought people would enjoy my work so much! THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!🙏🏻💖 Here are some things to know before you ask questions...

1. Ask as many questions as you want! (They can be weird, but please mind what you say.)😌 2. Most likely I will not answer super personal questions (age, where I live, etc) 3. NO INAPPROPRIATE QUESTIONS 4. I’ll make a separate post with all the answers 😊😊😊

I won’t post the answers right away. I want to give plenty of people a chance to comment their questions! Looking forward to it! Fire away!💬❓😆 *Also stay tuned for a contest! There will be one coming soon!*

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