I Wish...

                           I Wish... bestfriend stories

midnightmoon294 Christian Gal✝️ *Not very active*
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Idk what this is...it doesn’t even rhyme.😖
Probably the simplest thing I ever wrote.
But it’s about my best friend who got married & moved away a few days ago. I’m so happy for her & her new husband & I love seeing them so happy & in love.
But right now, I’m missing her like crazy & just want to cry. She’s the sweetest, most comforting person in the world & I just wish she was close by.
It’s gonna take a long time for me to get over the pain of losing her.💔😭

I Wish...

I wish I knew you longer

I wish we had more time together

I wish to see your smile again

I wish to hear your laugh

I wish to hug you once again

For you always gave the best ones

I wish to have you back with me

I wish I never had to say goodbye

You took a step in a new direction

A direction far from me

I wish you enjoy your brand new life

I wish you every happiness

I don’t know when or where I’ll see you again

But I wish you think of me every now and then.

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