Full Moon By MidnightMoon294
                     Full Moon

          By MidnightMoon294 moon stories

midnightmoon294 Christian Gal✝️ *Not very active*
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A lil poem about the beauty of a full moon!
Song of the Day: Dead of Night by Ruelle

Full Moon By MidnightMoon294

Looked up at the sky Never saw you that night Waited all through the next day & night Then you slipped into my sight And I could swear you’d never seemed so bright

Full moon shining down on me Sometimes you hide your light And leave me to sleep alone in darkness But if you’d show just half your face I know I’d sleep in peace tonight

The stars shone in delight As you rose in the sky to full height They seem to gather round you tight To share in your beauty overnight

Full moon, such a beautiful sight Full moon, never dim your light

*Hope you liked that one! Wrote it several years ago, intending it to be a song, but I never figured out a good melody for it.* I’m now including a “Song of the Day” in my post descriptions. Hope you guys enjoy!💙💫

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