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Chapter 1 of my first fanfic set in the Harry Potter universe. Kinda boring...sorry. Lmk your thoughts or feel free to comment/pm me an idea/character for future chapters!😃 Also I kinda rushed through the “boring” stuff like the student introductions & house sorting stuff cuz you Harry Potter fans know how all that goes.😅


It was getting late. Sasha and Tonya Solovyova had been waiting at King’s Cross train station for half an hour. “Isn’t he coming?” Tonya whined, craning her neck to look past the busy crowds. Their older brother, Alek said he’d meet them at 7:00 sharp to escort them to....Hogwarts.

It had been a week since they’d received their acceptance letters. The twins were thrilled to finally be going to the famous school of wizardry and witchcraft. They’d heard so many incredible stories of Hogwarts. But an extra note had been attached to the acceptance letter.

It said: “Due to last year’s incident, Sasha and Tonya Solovyova will be placed under strict supervision for the first 3 months of their arrival.” Incident....there was a matter of the twins fooling around with Alek’s wand when he had returned home for Christmas last year. An entire room of the house had been destroyed and the wand mysteriously broke.

The professors of Hogwarts had decided that the twins had an unusually powerful capacity for magic and spell-casting. They had put off accepting them for several years and though some remained in opposition, the majority grudgingly decide to accept them into Hogwarts. Tonya was tapping her foot impatiently. “If he doesn’t come in 10 seconds, I’ll scream.”

“No need,” said Sasha, “Here he comes.” Alek ran up to the twins, out of breath. “Sorry I’m late, couldn’t find my wand.” “You didn’t lose it again, did you?” Tonya asked. “No, I thought you broke it again.” “Hey it wasn’t me! Well not just me...” “Fine. I thought you and Sasha broke it again.” Sasha merely rolled her eyes.

“Ok what are we waiting for?” Tonya exclaimed impatiently, “Let’s get going!” Grabbing their luggage, the twins and Alek hurriedly boarded the train. It had been about an hour when Alek realized that Tonya had fallen asleep. “Thank goodness,” he whispered to Sasha. She smiled. Yes, Tonya had been even more talkative than usual, chattering for days about Hogwarts.

Although it annoyed her a little, Sasha was secretly just as excited as her twin. Several more hours passed and they were finally off the train. They were met in the Grand Hall of Hogwarts by Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and Professor Minerva McGonagall.

Sasha was sorted into Hufflepuff house and Tonya was sorted into Gryffindor house, which was Alek’s house as well.

“Misses Sasha and Tonya Solovyova,” proclaimed a loud crisp voice. The girls turned to see Professor McGonagall approaching them, with a short, portly man at her side. “May I introduce Professor Bolbus Knobb. He is well versed in nearly every form of magic and spell casting and has been appointed to be your supervisor or guardian if you prefer that term.”

“Pleased to meet you,” said the twins in unison. “Likewise,” said the short man. He pushed his glasses up his nose and stared at them for a moment. “Hmm...” he mused, stroking his graying beard, “Hmm.” The girls remained silent. “Well!” Professor Knobb exclaimed as if snapping back to reality. “You must be hungry. Let me see you to your tables.”

After a large banquet, they were taken to their rooms. “Wow!” Tonya exclaimed. She had finished unpacking and had come to see Sasha’s room. “This is so cool! I can’t wait to see the rest of the school!” But Sasha didn’t seem to be paying attention. Her eyes were focused on the doorway by the spiral staircase. “Sasha?”

“Did you see that?” Sasha asked. “See what?” “I could’ve sworn someone was watching me in the doorway,” said Sasha, “Then they just vanished.” “You’re probably just tired from the train trip. We should both get some sleep,” said Tonya, patting her sister’s shoulder. “Guess I’ll head back to my own room now. See you in the morning.”

“Yeah, see ya,” mumbled Sasha. “Excuse me,” she said, turning to one of the girls who shared her room. “Do you know of anyone who would be using invisibility spells?” “No student is allowed to practice invisibility spells except in class,” replied the girl, “And we’re kinda supposed to be in bed. One of the professors might scold students for using magic so late at night.”

“Hmm...” said Sasha, eyeing the doorway. “Thanks.” But she knew she had seen something or someone. And she was going to find out what.

{End of first chapter} I know it was pretty boring, but I find it hard to jump right into the interesting stuff. I hope you will check back for the next chapter; it should be more fun to read!😅

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