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midnightmoon294 Christian Gal✝️ *Not very active*
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Contest closed now


RULES: 1. The prompt is “deep in winter twilight” 2. Submission must be a poem (any form) 3. You may use the prompt as the title, or just use the words in a part of your poem

4. Maximum of 300 words 5. Deadline is November 10th 6. Post your finished poem & tag me in the comments of THIS post. If I don’t respond within 24 hours, DM me

PRIZES: As long as enough people join, there will be 3 winners. 1. First prize is a shout-out of your entry & any other post of your choice! And I will follow you if I don’t already!

2. Second prize is a shout-out out of your entry & a like on any 3 your posts (my choice.) 3. Third prize is a shout-out out of your entry.

One more thing....this isn’t a requirement, but it would help me out a lot & I would REALLY appreciate it if some of you guys would shout out this post so the word gets around! I’m looking forward to a lot of submissions! Thank you!!!

If you have any questions, comment or DM me & I’ll be happy to answer! Have fun & good luck!

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