Angel’s Reflection By MidnightMoon294
              Angel’s Reflection

         By MidnightMoon294 
 angel stories

midnightmoon294 Christian Gal✝️ *Not very active*
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From servant of light, to slave of the dark...

This one took me forever...idk’s not very impressive.😅 I’ve had a bit of a block I had to draw inspiration from one of my previous poems. Anyways my Stardrops, hope you enjoy!💖💫

Angel’s Reflection By MidnightMoon294

Angel of light She fell from the sky The last of the light Had long passed her by

She plunged into darkness Without an escape And waited till dawn Locked inside shadow’s cage

She longed for someone to set her soul free Her cries for help could never be heard Still she waited in sorrow, to the darkness she’d plea To release her spirit from the depths of that world

Forevermore she wandered alone A kiss from the shadows had sealed her fate A fate from which she could never escape

She looked in the mirror And to her dismay A soul of the darkness Her reflection displayed

Angel of light Once beautified in the glory of heaven’s glow Now angel of darkness Engulfed in the breath of the cold

Two faces in the mirror One of darkness, one of light Conflicted soul Now afraid of the light

She couldn’t resist Dark shadows of night Gave into her anger So bitter a grasp

Now bound to the darkness To fire undimmed A slave to the shadows To the flame within

Angel of darkness Twisted in lies Angel of darkness Beware of the skies

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