Little Bird, Be Brave...
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Poems I write are inspired by my past, personal experiences...

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Little Bird, Be Brave...

You know who you are, You are everywhere...

Even when You hide I can see You,

Your aura is stronger than You know.

You forgot how to fly, to dream, to smile...

They don't see or feel You, their eyes and mind are closed.

Why do they take everything from You?

Why do You let them?

Are You really that far away?

Take back what's Yours:

Your face, Your smile, Your heart, Your life

Be brave, have hope, the time is near.

Don't let them win!

Take back what's Yours!

Your hands make miracles and masterpieces,

Your soul has touched so many lives

You hold their hands and pave their road

And yet You're happy...for them...but not for You.

I'm not so sure what's left to say...

Is there a chance that I could make You stay?

Are You still there? I see the shell, a safe box with a lock...

I want to scream, to cry...

Can You hear me?

My voice is clear and still so far away,

Please look inside, You have the key!

Whatever it takes, please ask and stay!

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