theory of relativity & us
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theory of relativity & us

by R. R.

i. no absolute rest

"yes, I agree, time never did stop for anyone." but I add...

ii. no absolute motion

"I find time itself is an illusion." because yours and mine dissent.

iii. backwards

maybe yesterday, we could still work things out. ---softly and lightly (3.0 x 10^8 m/s, the speed of light)

iv. implausibility

our foreheads wear the cracks of our heart. you lost your zeal, I lost my saviour, we lost each other, but left with osmium-clad backpacks, and collapsed patellas. E = mc^2.

v. our end

fact: tomorrow is tragically inevitable.

vi. our end

fact: forget among the clamour, the shadow of your figure--

vii. our end

fact: you are an unearthed blackhole, under the facade of a supernova. (your mass = 2.5(+) x greater than the sun)

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