Mr. Stitch
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midnight_kitten Lover of dark whispers & nightmares
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This will be a weird piece that I will post. It's supposed to be a horror bit of prose that pokes fun at the notion of boogeymen who prey on children out past bedtime.

Mr. Stitch

Beyond the window and beyond, the moonlight, there lay a man in wait.

With teeth of white, and coats of noire, he'd flit about from shadow to shadow, patiently waiting for sweet boys and girls...

Who'd wander about past bedtime, seeking a sweet delight..

Shall this child seek sweets beyond that provided by Ma and Pa?

Or shall the next seek a new ribbon of red an' silk, for fine locks of ivory?

No matter what, or who, he'd surely get just what he sought...

Some soft flesh, and pale eyes, to serve as his next repast.

And a delight it'd be when he'd catch the next (smack, smack, smack) his lips would go as he encroached...

closer and closer, till he had the little morsel in reach... Sally Sue or Billy Joe, who oh who would be Mr. Stitch's next meal.

Who indeed would be next as he draws twine and needle from his weathered pocket?

All the more ready to catch the naughty soul who is out past bedtime.

With promises of delights and wonder, he'd make quick of sewing their naughty mouth's shut before ole, Ma or Pa caught wind.

But worry nought the child who listens, for Mr. Stitch only seeks the naughty.

After all, Mr. Stitch only eats the bad children, who flit about beyond bed time.

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