The love tree by: Middy
                    The love tree
                         by: Middy #love#tree#romance#teenagers#teenagelove stories

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Two lovers, one tree, destined to be together.

The love tree by: Middy

I remember it like it was yesterday, My old converse were sliding against the mud, as I was chasing my childhood best friend, Logan.

Logan and I had always hung out in the woods behind our houses for as long as we can remember

Breathing heavily, I finally caught up with him at our favorite spot, the friendship tree.

We were 16 at the time, and we would spend most of our time studying here, or laughing and telling jokes.

One day, was not like the rest. Logan had been avoiding me at school, and he didn’t come to the tree anymore like he always would. I began to think that he had outgrew our friendship, and wanted to move on.

A week went by and nothing changed. I continued to go to the friendship tree, just in case he came, but he never did.

I would spend my days crying under the tree, wondering why he left me without an explanation.

One day as I was crying under the now broken- friendship tree, I heard a twig snap in half and when I looked up, Logan was standing there with tears in his eyes.

“I love you. I always have, but recently it has been fierce, so fierce that I tried avoiding you, to make it stop, but it wouldn’t, so I quit trying to change my feelings and I ran here straight from school to admit the truth. I love you.” he exclaimed with a heartfelt sigh.

I stood up and ran into his arms. He embraced me with a loving hug. When I opened my eyes, there he was. We looked into each other’s eyes and before I knew it, we were kissing. It had felt like the world stopped, and all that was moving was our two hearts beating. When I pulled away, I giggled with a sigh of relief. He looked at me as if I was a lost puppy.

Six years later, we got married under the friendship tree, and out children play on it every day, renaming it as the love tree.

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