The Time I met Jungkook before fame.
The Time I met Jungkook before fame. jungkook stories

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A soft fanfiction of how the reader met Jungkook and the fun that comes with it.

The Time I met Jungkook before fame.

Hi, I’m new to posting my story or whatever on social media. Hehe, it seems weird that I picked this app and not twitter, like any normal person would.

Let me tell you this my experience is not normal in any way, it’s way weirder than anything *Rolls eyes* Well where do I even start.

AH! I’ll introduce myself, first off I don’t want to say my name, but I will say that I’m a girl. Wait! Scratch that see me as any gender you are or whatever gender you want me to be.

I’ll let your imagination run wild with that.

Anyways this story starts of with me being a 20-year-old freshman in college, not only was it my first year of college it was my second semester of college.

I was an introvert, meaning the big question: party or sleeping? I always picked sleeping, I was and still am the best sleeper.

In other words that means that I LOVE to be alone, my alone time was my favorite time of the day.

So far so good? Like the story yet? No? it’s boring I get it I haven’t even started yet buuuut I’ll tell you more about me, the more the better right?

Well… I am a hopeless romantic person… yeah, I said it hopeless :/ what can I say?

I love romance, but I like to dream about it not really do it person you know because I’m an introvert blah blah blah.

I don’t really tell anyone this, but I love to watch high school romance movies because I wished my high school life was like that.

Thanks for reading. Please give feedback. Also I'll be updating once a week.

Another Cinderella movie with Hillary Duff, the first movie to start my love of romance like that. Then all the other cheesy movies to come after it that had romance in high school.

You’re probably wondering why an 20-year-old would still be thinking about this when she’s/he’s not it high school anymore.

Either way I’m kind of hoping that this stuff happens when I’m in college, if I’m not too shy to have fun or whatever.

I’m always coming up with excuses to stay home and I’m always wondering if it’s for them or is it for me I could never tell.

I’m going to keep going on about my life just because I’m scared to tell the story I wanted to tell. So…… I’ll start that next time hehe

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