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If I was given the option of being able to relive any moment for the rest of my life, I would have chosen this very instant.

Catching Rain

~listen to Morning Dreams by Mondo Loops while reading~

The knock at the door would have startled me to death if I hadn't seen his blurred face through the window, the porchlight highlighting his distorted features from the chopped-up glass. It was ten at night, but he was there like promised; his car was parked outside in the drizzling rain.

Moments like this were moments I lived for, these small little acts keeping my heart alive and pounding inside of me. Opening the door, he gave a flashy little smile though his eyes held concern. Concern for me. That thought brought the grin to my face as I threw my arms around his neck.

"I didn't think you'd actually come," I said against the fabric of his soaked shirt, breathing in the scent of him. "And I didn't think you'd be waiting for me," he replied with a chuckle, and I flicked his shoulder with a small light laugh that blossomed along with my smile.

We pulled away and I let my arms fall to my sides, not managing to push down the grin that kept rising to the corners of my mouth. "Now, why are you so happy? I thought I'd come to a depressed little girlfriend sobbing all over me about these friend problems."

I scoffed and shot him a teasing glare before sinking to the wooden planks of the porch below me. The lantern from above set out a soft glow that flickered with the fluttering of my heart. "Nah, I'm not like that. I couldn't bear that kind of embarrassment."

"I know," he responded with a laugh before squatting down next to me and prodding my side. "Joking." "I just need company, I guess," I responded as I dodged his hand, catching his fingers so he couldn't jostle me. "Ah..." he sighed and then shifted so he was sitting down, one knee up to his chest, "don't we all."

The moon was high up in the sky, the rain sliding across the stars like little sparks of a firework right after the explosion. We were both quiet as if our company was enough conversation for the two of us. Something turned in my stomach when he moved his hand on top of my own, turning my palm over slowly so he could interlace his fingers between each of mine.

A flush sparked on my cheeks and I tried to ignore the fact how sweaty my palm was already becoming. "I'm...still not used to this," I blurted out with a short laugh. "I don't even know what I'm doing...ugh." I ran my free hand through my hair and tried to relax.

It was that dreaded realization once again. The realization that, even though he was my first boyfriend, I was far from being his first girlfriend. He'd had so many before. He'd flirted with girls before, held their hands, kissed them even. He had years of practice...why did I have the dreaded feeling that I had become someone to practice on too? This was something so new and unfamiliar and exciting to me, but did he feel the same way?

"You're doing just fine. I can let go if you want?" "No, please don't--" I said quickly, and he laughed, running his thumb over the back of my hand. "Okay, I won't." Above us, the porchlight flickered off, enveloping us both in darkness. Past the trees, up into the cloudy sky, the stars came to life in little specs of salt and glitter.

With a tug of his hand, I climbed back up onto my feet and pulled him up too. Through the dark, I smiled, and I could see the shimmer of his eyes. I pulled him toward his car through the pattering rain, large droplets bouncing from the leaves of the two giant trees in front of the house.

The grass disappeared from our feet, and then there was the dusty road that led down miles of absolute nothing, just the exposed sky floating against the horizon speckled with trees. The field ahead was covered in overgrown grass that weighed down with the weight of water droplets. We crossed the road, me in my bare feet and him in his black Jordans.

I laughed, still holding tightly onto his fingers before my heel landed on uneven ground and I lost my balance. A blur of green, rain sliding across my face, and I felt my body hit the soft cushion of grass.

My vision was blurred from rain falling in my eyes, but when I blinked quickly I found his face inches from my own, having caught himself when I'd brought him down with me in my fall. If I was given the option of being able to relive any moment for the rest of my life, I would have chosen this very instant.

Because then, as he tilted his head down and his lips met mine, the world came to life. The sky roared with a brilliance that I couldn't even begin to describe, the sound of rain filling my ears. Then a shock of thunder jolted the ground and my eyes snapped open.

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