Surviving a Plane Crash
Surviving a Plane Crash plane-crash stories

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Surviving a Plane Crash

by micoolcho

I was an investment dude, earning big $ and full of myself.

Yes, I lived in one of those towers.

And then my plane crashed into the Korean sea.

Here's the Korean anchor delivering the news of our crash.

Time stood still as I was drowning in the cabin.

Those 10 seconds felt like hours. I remember feeling this extreme sense of regret; that I didn't spend enough time with my family and didn't pursue the dreams that actually means something to me

As we drifted in the ocean, I saw the tattoo on my arm.

"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish". These are permanent words on my arm, yet I realized it was just another facade I put up for myself and others. I wasn't truly living to the meaning of those words.

So I left my investment career.

Since then, I spent a lot more time with my wife & family, helped my mom through her cancer, took care of my granddad who had a stroke, became a new dad to an adorable boy named "Berkeley"!

And started sth I'm truly passionate about, called "YAM"

It's a Video Ask-Me-Anything app. My dream is to create a platform for people to learn from each other by asking & answering Qs in an intimate way. Kind of like how we'r using Commaful :)

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