A - B - A - Huh?

                                  A - B - A - Huh? writing about writing stories

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A-B-A-B poem... but not

A - B - A - Huh?

is it important to rhyme?

do the cool kids care?

will they give me the time

if the 4th line ends in a different sound than line B?

the nature of poetry's changed

we've given up the rules

we allow a greater range

of thoughts and rhythms and forms and types and schemes and what not

you can even follow tradition

writing old-school poems

but make it special edition

by screwing with people's minds and changing one little structural thing

will this trend stick?

can i name this new style?

or should i just pick

whatever words come to mind to wrap up this so-called-poem

and make people wonder what the hell they just read?

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