Life Beginnings

                   Life Beginnings

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mick021 I love Queen | Slytherin 👌
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Collab w/ @koicchiato

Life Beginnings

Part One (@Mick021)

I am fire and storm

Young Angry Free Abrasive Rebel

Break the castles to the ground Soar over the rubble

Set the sky on Fire

Rattle the earth with storm My voice will be heard

Now it rains Restless Swaddled heavy, cold and wet

Storm bests Fire

only so you welcome The charring touch When it returns

I am Fire and Storm.

Part Two (@kiocchiato)

If you are the fire and storm, Then I am the air and sea.

Powerful, moving, silent.

Until the night, void of star, Spoke its first defiant breath,

And silence died, tenfold down.

Trapped in one’s own misery No more, watch me, hear me

Ever changing as the wind Like the oceans battle cry, All hurricanes start in sea.

Break away, up, up, up, far Away you’ll find us, reining

Worlds in a new way, our way

I am the air and the sea.


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