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Two AM. ✨

2 AM

You stare at yourself in the mirror. At two AM, questions flow in your mind. You wonder who you are, Why you’re here, And what you’re doing.

You are not tired, Nor extremely energetic. You are just...there. Not able to sleep, But not ready to anyway.

At two AM, Your mind is bursting. Your hand dances on the page As you gaze out the window. You know you should at least TRY to sleep. You don’t.

You realize how much Splendor and beauty there is. You make revelations, About life, love, and the world. Usually they sound quite Drunken, let’s be honest. Because you’re probably a Little high on Netflix and coffee And raw adrenaline too. But aren’t they something.

In the morning you won’t Remember it. The only recollections you will have will be the physical ones. All you know Is that you were up some time.

If you are up at two AM, There’s one thing I’ll tell you: Savor the moment. You might hate still being up then. But just take a deep breath, And take in two AM.

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