Vile Hands

       Vile Hands poetry stories

michellethomas2 Mystery lies in the darkest of places
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The struggle I have everyday of living with my toxic mother in law

Vile Hands

You spend your days unconscious on my couch.

No care in the world, unless the negative energy strikes again.

Spewing poisonous words when your cup boils over.

Denying everything you've said when the day is done.

He treats you like a queen because he was manipulated into oblivion.

Your vile hands left marks on his skin.

They remain even twenty years later.

I now watch as you play with my offspring.

Trying to hide my fear of your now crippled hands becoming vile once more.

My mind clogged with thoughts of what you could do, if you so choose.

I have the power to rid your evil from my life.

To protect my child from the crippled hands that play with him so gently.

But, why can't I do it?

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