a simple gesture that leads to irreparable damage
a simple gesture that leads to irreparable damage button poetry stories

michellestan Community member
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Only a simple smile can trigger a wave of emotions to somebody in love.

a simple gesture that leads to irreparable damage

i see your perfectly sculpted nose up close, plump lips void of any fine lines stretched into a blinding smile, pearly whites glimmering even in the dim lighting

im blushing.

your warmth, i feel it engulf me as my own spreads through my body from the rush of excitement you caused me.

who would ve thought such an untouchable work of art, whose value is guarded by many, would be the one reaching out and touching me -- the helpless observant who solely tried to admire it.

we share a moment as you shed a layer of your armor, yet it ends just as quickly as you pull away, unaware of the explosion of colours your touch has painted into me.

still, my tears are hot, even in a cold winter night,

even when you're out of my sight;

i still remember that warmth you gave me,

how could i forget it when your love is abandoning me, pouring down my cheeks and leaving me hypothermic in this white desert of pain and gangrene?

milky way my tears dripped down my cheeks

yet you're detrimental to my existence,

your radiation melting me, just like your pretty words and chocolate eyes used to.

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