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michellenicole Community member
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A poem about feeling like nothing will ever be okay


They say she’s strong But she doesn’t want to be

She grabs for the journal under her mattress The one that holds her worst secrets

She writes in it when things are bad The last entry sends a shiver down her spine

They say she’s so happy She smiles to hide the demons inside

The entries are getting closer together Only once a year the pain would be too much

Five months before She had perfected sticking a finger down her throat

This time she was ashamed Because she had reached for an X-acto knife

She could never do it But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t

The amount of thought she gave it Scared her more than anything before

The knife was sharp It wouldn't leave a scar

She almost wished it would To remind her of when things where worse

It’s not a cry for help She doesn’t want anyone to know

They say she’s going places She feels like she’s going anywhere but up

To save herself she’d have to be strong But she doesn’t want to be

She stuffs the journal back in its spot Hoping to never look at it again

But knowing she would

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