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michellegoff Self published poet and short storiest
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I’d like to think I felt you with me,
our soft sighs of longing
true and bold in a room full
of nervous energy
and breaking guitar strings.


Smile wide, My teeth permeate a new

Idea of white Picket fences and

Days spent reading books On a back porch

I hold your words Against the shell of my Ear, and listen to the way

The reeds in your throat Dance against each other While speaking my name.

I can't help but watch Your lips move and curve Around each syllable as you

Bring up constellations on White-washed maps

The energy of your fingers Between mine makes me realize

I was never empty,

Only waiting.

The angle of your arm and the Weight of this moment Expand and

Contract around the seconds That tick by as I slowly

Lose focus and dream about kissing


Press minutely against the Sides of your Mouth where I notice how your skin

Turns from blush to cream and Back again.

Maybe I will wake up tomorrow

To the sway of your sounds

And the glimmer of your eyes.

I'd like to think I felt you with me,

Our soft sighs of longing

True and bold in a room full Of nervous energy

And breaking guitar strings.

Closed shut eyes, The more my corners crinkle

Into black crows feet Where my eyeliner smudged,

The more Real this becomes

The push and pull of arms Against hips as we tango Slowly back and forth on the couch,

And I lean my head Gently against your shoulder

Like a butterfly landing on a Cornflower.

I don't want to disturb the sweetness of A silent exhale near you,

But I'm hungry enough to come


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