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This is a short, dark poem (sorry!) about my own experience with depression.

First off, I am absolutely not a poet by any stretch of the imagination! I think writing can be healing so I tend to write when my mind is in a bad place and what comes out is generally a little dark as a result.

I wrote 'It Comes' a couple of years ago when I was in a very bad place. This is how I felt coming home at the end of the day, having pushed my depression aside so I could put on an exhaustingly wonderful show of happiness and mental togetherness in order to function around friends, family and colleagues. I'm glad to say that I tend to do better now most days!

I actually forgot about this poem, I just came across it in an old notebook and decided to share it. I'm honestly a bit nervous about it's reception but hopefully this will reach someone it resonates with and they will know that they are not alone.

Please feel free to comment, I would love your feedback!

It Comes

It comes at night.

Lingering in silence, it observes you.

Seeking a moment of weakness.

Searching for a glimpse of the void you almost forgot,

In the bustle of day.

It climbs inside, filling the cavity with nothing.

Expanding, it pushes all else aside.

Occupying every inch of you with aching emptiness.

Until you begin to choke on it.

Until you are nothing too.

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