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michalinavel Community member
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First love doesn't mean your only love

Never loved you

Never have I loved someone who was so empty. Never have I ever put myself in a position where I am the most vulnerable.

Even though I knew what you were capable of I still looked past it because I loved you,

you were my first love and I knew it wasn't real but I would rather live in a happy nightmare then a painful reality. Your eyes would shine in the sun like a crystal clear ocean.

Your smile would make me feel safe and warm and yet it was your biggest trap. I grew to know you, love you, admire you and cherish you, but you used me to feel good about yourself.

You knew how to play every game as if you knew what was going to happen next. Your a wolf in sheep's clothing and you wore it better then most.

Your heart was cold, almost stone like, and no matter what I said or did you always had an answer to fill in the blanks.

But now your smile has a chip in it, your eyes have become a sewage blue and your words have no control over me. I have finally unmasked the true you.

Now I stand tall with my head up and never bend for anyone who thinks they can get what they want when they demand it. I can finally love another without fear of the past.

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