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michaelvaughn So many words, so many ways
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Hope, patience, and consistency are key ingredients towards creating success.

Write it, Say it

Language and communication is something I always stumble over, and always have.

I’m always wondering how to say things in such a way to properly express the message I wish to convey, yet, no matter how complex, or how simple, the words turn out to be,

the words that tumble from my mouth, and leak out from my pen onto paper never quite seem to display my proper meaning and intent.

I took minutes to figure out what to put forth, which turned into hours, and before I knew it, I was wondering where the days all went as I look up from my story, from my creation,

wondering just how it will be received.

Will these words change someone’s mind? Will they elicit a soft, warm laugh? Will they turn your heart in ways you never thought possible?

Will you fall in love, or learn to hate who I’ve become? Could I possibly enlighten you, or at least find a way to open your mind just a little more?

I type away, each word a small hope of connection to someone, something, out there in this vast world, and constantly expanding universe.

My words, however, just might end up harming you, or maybe enraging you, but please, know that was never my intent.

If only I’d had the proper mindset and vocabulary to change what actually happened or may have been said, or at least the proper syntax to make amends to any wrongs I’ve committed.

I hope and pray that my obsession with language and properly communicating will eventually lead to the hearts of many smiling and shining bright in beautiful unison,

leading to an amazing world where what was once considered the realm of dreams, are actual realities.

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