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michaelvaughn So many words, so many ways
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I apologize for my inactivity and lack of response. Really trying to figure myself and my situation out. Don’t take it too personally if I’m not communicating, I’m just...figuring a lot out.


I’m losing my mind, but I’ll be ok. It gets harder to grind, but I take it day by day. I may be caught in a bind, but I’ll find my way. My heart feels like crying, but that’s temporary pain.

I always feel lost and out of time, but from every failure I actually gain. I’ve lost my way and feel so blind, but I see the bigger picture the harder I strain.

I just want to be happy and kind, even in those moments I’m met with disdain. People get upset when I speak out of line, but all my silence does is overload my brain.

I try to understand even the most sublime, yet all I end up doing is going insane. I’m a waste of talent even when I try to shine, yet I continue to write in hopes these words I can tame.

I take on many sins even when it’s not my crime, because it’s always easier to simply take the blame. I try so hard to make things right, but I always fall short and run away.

There’s so much for which I wish I could fight, but first I’ve got to fix myself yet again. I’ve always had a strong sense of wrong and right, even though I’ve made plenty of my own mistakes.

This constant back and forth inside is quite a plight, but I know I can break out of the old mundane. I’m losing my mind, but I’ll be ok. Or so I’d like to find, or so I’d like to claim.

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