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michaelvaughn So many words, so many ways
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A poem I wrote inspired by the Rest in Power: Trayvon Martin documentary that's airing tonight on BET. If anyone has the BET channel, please watch it. Regardless of what side of the spectrum you're on, just watch it with a closed mouth, and open heart, eyes, ears, and minds. Just try to understand someone elses situation and realize that the only way we're not going to go extinct as a species is to seriously come together and make this world better.


How many lives will continue to be sacrificed in vain,

Before society comes together and starts to make a better change?

How many more children need to lose their lives?

How many more people will be taken before their time?

Every last one of us deal with our own sorrows and pain,

So why do we constantly make each other's lives hell over and over again?

As a society, we need to collectively pull our heads out of our asses so we can realize,

That the powers-that-be control us by creating segregation through media, dividing us with lies.

We need to stop trying to find anyone else to blame,

And take responsibility for our own actions without complaint.

So many go to prison over petty bullshit, while free men walking commit real crimes,

While innocents are shot down left and right, the true terrorists seem to be idolized.

The world is in chaos with all of these tragedies occurring every day,

We're all lost and scared in a world where negativity has become mundane.

But there is still some good to come out of this terrible plight,

Everything that had been swept under the rug has been brought into the light.

Instead of continuing to turn our backs on our problems and heading the other way,

We can begin to build each other and the world around us up as our claim to fame.

The choice is ours, we can go extinct, or simply learn to coincide,

Because, as history will tell you, divided we fall, but together we thrive.

Imagine a world where instead of spending trillions on weapons, wars, and propagated hate,

We invested in health and talents, where we simply lived our lives and helped others do the same.

Like my dad always says, if it were easy, everyone would get up and fight,

But the only way to ever make proper change is to struggle together and do what's right.

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