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michaelvaughn So many words, so many ways
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Late night ramblings of an...interesting soul.

Late Nights

You know you’re tired, but your mind can’t shut down, can’t turn off. Turn off all the thoughts in your head. Your head, running as if someone left the TV on after departing.

Departing, going places that you’ve never been, places that scare you yet fill you with excitement! Excitement, but your bipolar heart is like a teeter-totter, back and forth, up and down.

Down, you’ve dug quite a deep, dark hole. Hole, the void that gapes in your heart, the few things that’d fill it just out of reach. Reach, your hand extends, wanting to grab onto any hope!

Hope, one of the few things keeping you going. Going through life, you can count the number of motivators on your hands. Hands, rough yet soft, worn and weathered yet strong and caring.

Caring, your child, family and friends, they’re all in your heart. Heart, yours is bursting for others, but who’s heart breaks and aches for you?

You, always on my mind and in my heart, I can’t stand this distance. Distance between us, further than the eye can see. See yourself for what you are, see what another does to you.

You, I’m always coming back to you every time. Time, it drags on forever, but you constantly wish you had more. More, it’s what you want to do. Do for others, because sometimes they can’t.

Can’t take back what’s said and done, no matter how much you wish. Wish for things to be better, to be good. Good enough for who, you wonder?

Wonder at the miracle that is the universe, so simply complex. Complex, like the mind of a genius going nowhere. Nowhere is coming fast as the sun begins to set, leading to a frosty night.

Night comes and you let the darkness overtake you, consume you, as you drift to other realms. Realms defying logic, but you always come back.

Back, looking to your past as you prepare for your future. Future, you’ll only have one once you learn to let what’s behind you go, and learn to love yourself and let things naturally flow.

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