I want to find my “one”.
I want to find my “one”. partner stories

michaelvaughn So many words, so many ways
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A little bit in my feels haha

I want to find my “one”.

I wonder when through out my life, I’ll find the one to become my wife.

And in my wife I’d hope to find, A strong-willed heart and beautiful mind!

Someone who’ll support me each and every day, But will also kick my butt if I start going the wrong way.

Someone who will travel the whole-wide-world with me, We’ll tell our grandkids how we went everywhere across the sea!

Someone who’ll join me atop the highest mountain or smallest hill, Who’ll love our adventures but appreciate Netflix and chill.

Someone who will love everything I am and accept what I’m not, Someone who can see past my defenses and give me everything they’ve got.

Someone I wouldn’t expect to be a mom if she wasn’t ready to be one, But I would hope she could at least be friends with my awesome son!

Someone who’d cuddle with me under the soft, warm blankets, Sipping tea, playing with my hair and me with hers, enjoying each other’s company like a banquet.

Someone who’d help me at the gym as I go on this journey, And even though plenty would stare at her, all she’d see is me.

Someone with whom I can continue to learn, compromise, and grow, Someone worth fighting through this life with no matter where it flows!

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