Here’s my second #OneFact inspired by @Kaylynn’s prompt!
Here’s my second #OneFact inspired by @Kaylynn’s prompt! one fact stories

michaelvaughn So many words, so many ways
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My second #OneFact for @Kaylynn ‘s prompt! Just a little of my history!

Here’s my second #OneFact inspired by @Kaylynn’s prompt!

Reading and writing was always something I excelled in at school. I loved the power author’s had to throw you into their worlds, hearts, and minds.

Yet, what really got me into writing, was my second and third grade teacher Mrs. Keeler, she was one of the best I’ve had. She was very supportive and truly cared about children and their aspirations.

If we finished all of our class work, Mrs. K would allow us to create our own stories with printer paper. That was so much fun, it truly ignited a spark within me!

I remember writing a series called “Black Striker”. It was all about a King Cobra super hero who would save his girlfriend from evil rats....I know 😂

Remember, if you want to do this as well use #OneFact and tag @Kaylynn!

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