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michaelvaughn So many words, so many ways
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Here’s my go at the daily prompt: cell phone!

Cell Phone

The worst and best things have been done with the aid of my cell,

Heart breaks, awesome plans, great memories, oh, all the stories I could tell!

I remember the first time I received a phone was my 13th birthday,

And with unlimited texting, well, there sure was a lot I had to say!

I remember my crushes and relationships, all the “I love you’s“, and poetry I’d send,

I was once a hopeless romantic, singing on the phone to a woman I thought I’d love to the end.

All of the arguments and unrequited love, from all the plans made to all the plans canceled,

Late nights talking with those who needed my help, I always had it handled.

All the times I’d make fun of google translate with my friends at school,

How, unless you needed a specific word, it was basically a useless tool.

All the awkward things I’d do and say, please don’t get me started on Facebook memories,

Please stop showing me old posts, I’d rather not remember the “I txt n tlk like dis” days!

It’s really fun to stop and think just how incredibly far things have come,

Through the good and the bad, with the help of this phone, I’ll cherish all the memories made since day 1!

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