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michaelvaughn So many words, so many ways
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Caution, read at your own discretion! Here’s my go at the daily prompt: burned. A poor woman with intellect in the time where science and religion clashed, instead of coincided.


I once was a happy, pure hearted individual.

Always behaved, and did nothing out of the usual.

But then one day, I became interested in the world around me,

And wanted to learn how it all worked, actually.

I began to question the methods and ways of my fellow human beings,

I’d run many tests, and stay up many late nights reading.

As soon as I started making some real headway into my research,

Down came the glorious judge mental hammer of the church.

I questioned their faith and all that they believed in,

So it came as no surprise when I was stoned for my sin.

They destroyed my home and tormented my body and mind,

For turning my back on their bibles I was no longer seen as one of their kind.

When they were done having all of their fun,

They stuck me to a cross and displayed me out in the sun.

They laughed and enjoyed every last bit of my suffering,

Again, just because my research questioned their everything.

Then that last fateful night they set my cross to burn,

Not realizing that they were yet to get their turn.

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