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"(VERSE 1) Dreams are so lost in the darkness.

Waiting For Dawn

"(VERSE 1)

Dreams are so lost in the darkness.

Wishes may never come true.

It's hard to say what is the meaning.

And how do I say this to you?


Things that should never have happened,

but they make me, now, who I am.

Love that is fragile and frightened.

I'll never become one of them.


Waiting for dawn...

Promise of new and the hope that is rising with sun.

Nothing is done...

Memories are there, but the new day has already begun.

And so I'm waiting for dawn... waiting for dawn...


You just cannot always ask why.

The answer might be so unclear.

There are many reasons for living,

but so hard to live when in fear.


Dreams are so lost in the darkness.

And past that cannot be undone.

As long as love will not leave me,

I'll be here to wait for my dawn......



I just want you to know this...

Darkness and cold haven't changed me...

Although, sometimes, tears come and haunt me...

Despair and chaos do not have me......


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