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"(INTRO) Sometimes love is so big... that it's overwhelming...

Never Thought


Sometimes love is so big... that it's overwhelming...

even for two hearts...


It's crazy how we were, one of a kind.

Remember when we met? We couldn't divide.

'cause when we were apart, the sun would hide.

And even marching time would lose its stride.

And I thought that the skies would never cry,

as long as I have you, you by my side.

I hoped that our love would turn to sunrise.

I hoped we wouldn't see twilight of goodbyes.


Never thought I'd say goodbye.

Hoped it would be ride or die.

Sometimes, love can soar too high.

Falling stars are part of life.

Never thought I'd say goodbye.

Never thought I'd say goodbye.

Never thought...

Never thought...


Now, all that we do

is argue over who's been talking to who.

I know you're keeping tabs on things that I do,

and I see every guy that smiles at you.

Maybe our trust isn't that strong.

Maybe we should check where we belong.

Love does not get built on right or wrong.

It's not the flashy stage that makes the song.



Just like the first kiss,

it's gone too soon but never its memories.

It's like a happy thought that puts you at ease,

like the lucky breeze to guide you through seas.

That's how I will think of what we have.

No matter what will be, I'll see better half.

Better side of us is what I know.

Maybe our hearts have room to grow.


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