Nadezhda (As I Wake Up)
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"Why do dreams begin as I wake up... as I wake up... (VERSE 1)

Nadezhda (As I Wake Up)

"Why do dreams begin as I wake up... as I wake up...


As I wake up, the sun feels cold.

It doesn't dry the tears of long night,

when I was dreaming of true love,

when you were with me, smiling so bright.


I see mirages through thin air.

I gasp for hope as I am falling.

I wait for voice to call my name,

but all I hear is echo calling.


I traveled long, I traveled far.

The years and distance are my shadows.

I'm weathered, but time makes me run.

And I go on, forgetting my woes.


If nothing is what it seems, why do I follow...

Why do I follow the time... why do I follow the sun...

How does this fire burns in the land of rains...

How is this heart so cold, being scorched by the sun...

Why do I dream as I wake up..... as I wake up...


As from daydreaming I wake up,

I felt that happiness was near me.

I felt it bringing me to life,

but I realized no one was with me.


I hope you are dreaming of me.

That is my only consolation.

As nothing else eases my pain,

as nothing else brings me temptation.


Please know that I believe in you,

as weakened soul believes in mere fate.

And as blind faith runs through my veins,

I understand I might be too late."

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