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"(VERSE 1) If it was never meant to, it will never be.

In Search Of Us

"(VERSE 1)

If it was never meant to, it will never be.

But it's not up to destiny, it's up to you and me.

Every moment in life can be a regret.

Every moment can be a chance that you neglect.


Happiness is in your heart that is full of love.

Betrayal is in your fears, not letting you soar above.

You know how to be young, now that you are older.

You know how to be foolish, now that you are wiser.


And I say, wait...... don't turn away.

Through many moons, we're here to stay.

I say, hey...... betray your past.

Love will stay, but fear does not last.


Sometimes, world doesn't know what we mean to say.

Sometimes, nobody sees what we go through every day.

Earth hides all the things that were yesterday.

Sunrise breeze holds the hope of what is on the way.


If we dream together, we will never be alone.

And failures wouldn't matter, new dreams would be born.

You know how to be happy, in times when you are sad.

You know how to be free, when you are caged, instead.


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