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Dear Friends

"(VERSE 1)

Dear friends,

If these were my last words to say, I would tell you few things I know.

Actually, things everyone knows but don't always want to say.

Hope and disappointment live so close together.

And if one dies, the other can destroy you.

Yes, all of us do things so we can be accepted by others.

Because if we don't, we might become alone, and no one

wants to be alone...


It's you and I... it's what we are.

It's what we really live for.

You and I... like hope and love.

We'll struggle, but we'll make it.

It's you and I... despite the drought,

we'll grow rose gardens in the desert.

You and I... the tears we cry

and our laughs will keep us close.


We all want the attention and love of someone we adore.

But not too much, because we are afraid to become vulnerable.

And when we say, "I love you" we don't necessarily mean forever.

Forever is such a long time, and no one knows what might just happen.

If you've been hurt, try not to hurt back. Revenge does not take away the pain.

The sun will rise. The sun will set, and time will slowly take away your wounds.

And maybe I have said too much. Forgive me, friends, but sometimes,

we don't say enough...


@Michaels Lyric(r)

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