All Hallow's Eve (Seven Circles)
All Hallow's Eve (Seven Circles) song stories

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"(VERSE 1) This city never sleeps in the light of moon.

All Hallow's Eve (Seven Circles)

"(VERSE 1)

This city never sleeps in the light of moon.

To these blurry streets, winds are coming soon.

With them, they will bring lives of yesterday.

To life, they will cling just for one more day.

Leaves are on the ground, just like fallen souls.

Masks are all around. Laughter rises and then falls.


Seven circles, around you, I will make.

Four are of fire and ice, as your soul will awake.

Two circles of leaves that are full of past life.

And one circle of dreams, to keep our love forever alive.


Can't rain all the time, except for in my head.

Memories of mine, raindrops made of lead.

Love might never die, but why do I feel dead?

Tired of asking why, or is it answers that I dread?

Everybody laughs, yet, everybody fears.

Painted on my face are the clown's tears.


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