Them or us you or me
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michaelschulze Community member
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Maybe you won't be lucky mabey you will never meet such as person just hope that you do

Them or us you or me

The world is full of haves and have nots Believers and non believers Followers and preacher's

Some will fit into one or the other categorie Hey take your choice there are a few to choose from Some will fit courmftably into more than one But there will always be a few who ithere by choice or the fait of life fit into none of the above

Often they stand alone cursed by society But far more important cursed by themselves And hay quite often they laugh at your curses For no one can hate a cursed person as much as they hate themselves

And yet some walk quietly not uttering a word unless in praise Giving love where they can not knowing of hate unless it is the hate they have of themselves Very few ever meet such a person and if you do you usually don't even know it at the time

And maybe years later you will look back on the people who you have met in your life And think yes once I have met such a person When exactly was that was it a her or a him No I don't remember

I just remember it felt good

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