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Has someone painted in your mind


I don't think there is a person alive that hasn't tryed painting something at some time Not to many of us will ever be a Rembrandt or Picasso

But it's the pictures in our minds that tell a story A story of where we have been what we have done and also what we have heard We used a different pallet depending on our state of mind at the at the time of painting each picture

When we are happy or sad exited or maybe in love All these pictures we have had control of the brush But what about the pictures painted by someone else a story or description of a person or a place

Thay are using thair pallet to paint a picture in your mind The trouble is. it's the artists impression It may be the darkest of blacks or it could be airy and bright What portraits have been painted in your mind

How many portraits have you painted in the mind of someone else At least if you are going to paint a portrait of someone Please choose your pallet wisely .

It's a sad world when people paint you black Just because thair sky was gray Have you ever really disliked someone just because of the picture someone else has painted in your mind Only to find that you were wrong

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